BriVend services customers from all walks of life. We help anyone from first time operators right through to full blown vending organisations such as Coke & Pepsico.

Our team of highly trained professionals are respected in the industry for trying to provide the best service possible and regularly offer updated services and features to make your life easier.

BriVend’s customer base is built on respect and understanding of what you need which is why we have customers that have been with us from day one.

We strongly believe in maintaining a good relationship with our clients in the hope that you will remain a part of our vending family.

Some of our corprate customers.


Here are a few customer testimonials.



OzBoz Vending, Brisbane.


 “I would highly recommend Brivend to anyone in the Vending Industry". "The Quality of Machinery and Service are second to none". The Bevmax 3 & 4 Vending Machines provided by Brivend are the corner stone’s of our Business". "Quality, Warranty and Cost have made it an easy decision - Brivend"



DensVend, Brisbane


" I have no hesitation in recommending Brivend, they provide exceptional customer service, quality machines and prompt delivery.  Staff are always willing to assist with technical questions and training.  The website provides vending operators with an online reference tool which I have found to be user friendly, easy to navigate and informative. Brivend deliver what they promise a professional approach, help and best practice customer service"



Terry, Docherty


“Just thought I would take a moment to thank the Team at BriVend for all their assistance.


Since buying the first machine over two years ago – and despite being a relatively small operator – everyone I have had contact with at BriVend have been exceptional!  Each person has gone out of their way to sort my question out, whether it is answering a technical question, responding immediately to a spare part shipment or a technician voluntarily offering suggestions to improve my machine’s performance.


Your company’s genuine understanding and respectfulness for your clients’ needs,  combined with great machines and awesome service ensure I have no hesitation in recommending BriVend to any Vending Operator.”


Warm regards, Terry