Combo Machines


Merchant Media 4 & 6 Chilled Combo


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Vending Machine Dimensions and Weight


       Narrow                              Wide

Height: 72inch               Height: 72inch

Width: 35inch                Width: 46inch

Depth: 30inch                Depth: 3inch

Weight: 250kgs            Weight: 300kgs




  • 3.5” Color Display with Keypad or 7” Touchscreen

  • Surround & Integrated Payment LED Option

  • Standard Cabinet LED Lighting Refrigeration Zone Barrier

  • Multiple Product Configurations (includ- ing all food, combo, and chilled snacks) Multiple Temperature Settings (including ambient, refrigerated, non-perishable, and chilled)

  • NAMA Health and Safety Control Heated Door Option

  • Healthy Graphics Package Custom Graphics

  • Internal Tactile Keypad & Speaker Option (for visually impaired operators) 



12 months factory standard parts only warranty




VM Series 3, 4 & 5


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  • Can be configured as single temperature Chilled Snack or with dual zones for Drink and Snack Combo.

  • Product sensor delivery system ensures vend success every time and satisfied customers.

  • Coin insertion slot forces single coin insertion and reduces coin jams.

  • Quality stainless steel key gives trouble-free operation.

  • Liquid Crystal Display and auto self diagnostic control system.

  • Great product lighting and display with energy efficient LED lighting.


12 months factory standard parts only